The Wonder of Easter

Glory easter

An Easter Journey for the Whole Family

Easter can be the highlight of the year.

Better than Christmas.

Bigger than a birthday.

And about so much more than just chocolate.

We are going to walk through Luke’s Gospel and parts of the Old Testament to discover why the story of Jesus' death and resurrection is the most amazing story ever told.

Discover a new story every day as you follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

Take ten minutes with your family each day to prepare for Easter.

Whether your youngest is three years old or your oldest is eighteen, this flexible, easy-to-use resource will allow the whole family to celebrate the limitless wonder of Easter.

The devotions we’ve created are an achievable joy, not an unrealistic burden. No more than ten minutes are needed to complete a daily section. If you want to take longer, that’s great!

By Ed Drew © Faith in Kids 2019
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