Isaiah Advent Devotional from Euston Church


Happy Advent!!

In the craziness of the Christmas season, we often don’t think about Jesus enough. This little advent series, starting 1st December 2018, is to help us reflect on him.

Although Isaiah was written nearly 700 years before Jesus, it is one of the prophets which is quoted a lot in the gospels. Isaiah tells us about a person who is coming to rescue God’s people – and when Jesus turns up it is clear the person Isaiah was talking about is him!

Isaiah is written 120 years before God’s people go into exile. It tells of a society riddled with sin that has turned away from God – sinning against him and against one another. The consequence of this sin is God’s judgment on them as waves of attack crash over the people. First it’s Syria & Ephraim, then Assyria attacks them and then finally Isaiah predicts Babylon coming to completely destroy Jerusalem & kill / take into exile God’s people. God’s people were living permanently with a tsunami on the horizon – just as they survived one onslaught from their enemies, a new enemy was seen in the distance headed for them.

Their experience diagnoses something true and really difficult about our world. If you survive one attack, there is always another war, another illness, another recession… there is no permanent salvation in a broken world like this one. You fix one thing, for something else to go wrong, and even if you manage to get through it death will surely get you in the end. There is no permanent security, peace or salvation in this world. God’s people back then, and we today, desperately need a rescuer who can bring us a rescue that lasts.

Christmas is a time of lots of joy, excitement, sugar! But it’s often a time which highlights what is hard about life & perhaps a time we most miss the loved ones we’ve lost. Isaiah speaks into that – he wants to tell us about a rescuer who can offer us a rescue that lasts.

In this book we’re going to try to get know this rescuer better – what he’s like, what he does, what it’s like following him and where he’s leading us to.

Wishing you a very happy, loving Jesus more, Christmas ☺

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