CMS Australia

We work with churches to set apart long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We live at both an exciting and a challenging time in world mission. We praise God for the extraordinary growth
of his church around the world, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America – growth that has created great needs
in discipleship and Bible training.
At the same time, we cry out to God because countless millions have still not heard the good news of Jesus Christ.
Many people groups in our world have limited or no opportunity to hear the gospel – both those who are yet to
hear the gospel and those who once had the gospel but now need re-evangelising. Without outside help, these
“gospel-poor peoples” will never hear of the lasting hope of Jesus Christ.
We are conscious that many gospel-poor peoples live in our “near neighbour” region. We will therefore develop a
greater focus on our near neighbours in the South-East Asia and Pacific region.
Our Vision
In response to these truths, our Vision is
- to reach gospel-poor peoples for Christ
- to equip Christian leaders for church and society
- to engage churches in cross-cultural mission

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